This week I discuss how Apple & Google are working together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. I explain how the system will work and what it means ...View Details

With everything that's going on we need to take a breath and see the wood through the trees. In this podcast I discuss how we have found new opportuni...View Details

It's been a busy couple of weeks pitching Collctiv to potential investors. I talk about our journey and the unexpected surprise of pitching in front o...View Details

A lot happened in the tech world this week so I cover a number of tech updates including Windows 7 & Microsoft Edge. I talk about privacy and when...View Details

This week I discuss what Product Market Fit and Problem Solution Fit is and how to know when you've achieved them. Opportunities present themselves al...View Details

In the first episode of Diary of a CTO I discuss what a CTO actually is and the challenges it brings. I also talk about how to build great teams and h...View Details

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